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Virus/Spam Solutions

Virus Defense

ComTek Networking Solutions offers comprehensive 24/7virus protection solutions for content filtering and SPAM prevention to defend your desktops and network servers against viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and certain other non-virus threats. We use robust software tools to keep your network more secure, your assets safe, and your employees productive.

Virus Removal

Dealing with computers that have been compromised, are suspect, or have failed as a result of a security breach? We'll assess the damage caused by the attack, and restore normal business operations and any data lost during the attack. ComTek Networking Solutions's experience with security reduces your downtime and allows us to recommend more efficient ways to prevent or contain future attacks.

Email Security Service For Your Business

We offer email security solutions that provide virus protection, SPAM filtering and email security wrapped into ONE complete package. With no hardware or software to install and maintain, it delivers a straightforward business email security solution. It filters all email in your domain at the gateway before arriving to your mail server where it cause damage.

Our SPAM filtering process blocks 99% of unwanted email on average and has a false positive rate of less than .005% (1 in 20,000 messages). With a single collection point for SPAM, you can check your inbox without worry or hassle and easily file your SPAM into a junk mail folder.

Invest in solid virus defense, email security and virus removal to protect your company. Contact ComTek Networking Solutions today.