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Security Audits

Security has become a major concern for any size business. You need reliable protection and a proactive approach to safeguard private and critical information. ComTek Networking Solutions uses state-of-the-art Security Auditing software and Security Analyzer tools to perform a variety of automatic system scans to identify potential problems before they become a catastrophe. With our extensive experience using these tools, you can analyze audit reports and react appropriately.

  • Check service pack levels
  • Check for missing security patches
  • Check for security alerts/vulnerabilities
  • Detect unnecessary shares
  • Detect unnecessary open ports
  • Detect new security holes using scan comparisons
  • Check for unused user accounts
  • Check password policy and strength
  • Make an inventory of your network
  • Detect potential Trojans on servers and workstations
  • Find out if the OS is disclosing too much information

The best way to avoid security breaches is to avoid them in the first place. Contact ComTek Networking Solutions today.