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Hardware Management

Your IT investment grows as your company's IT structure changes to accommodate your business needs. You invest in hardware applications, storage and databases to streamline workflow and improve productivity and you need that hardware to work at its peak while running applications and storing the generated data.

That's why we take a "start from the ground up" approach to managing your hardware. Especially for companies with multiple hardware vendors, it's crucial that we understand the performance and availability of the hardware running your applications. Because without reliable hardware to perform critical business applications, you just can't do business.

Hardware Rollout Management

When you're ready to rollout a new hardware system, our project managers carefully oversee every detail of the installation- from acquiring the hardware and configuration to tagging it for inventory. You'll enjoy a smooth and uneventful rollout because our project manager will take care of all the technician scheduling, problem resolution procedures, and determining the hardware deployment sequence.

Once we're finished carefully unpacking and inspecting your new hardware equipment, we'll handle all the configuration including connecting all cables, installing requested options, performing the initial power up and first diagnostics to ensure it's functioning properly, and setting up the Windows operating system of your choice.

Adding, Moving and Changing Hardware

Our hardware engineers won't only help you implement new hardware systems, but they are also a valuable resource if you have existing hardware that you're adding to, moving to a different location on or off-site, or making memory or software changes. Our project managers and hardware engineers can manage other hardware adjustments to avoid costly hardware damage and minimize disruptions to your daily operations.

Hardware Relocation

Hardware is expensive fragile equipment so it requires careful and special handling when being relocated either down the hall or across the country. Our technicians take extreme care when disconnecting, transporting and reconnecting your hardware equipment- all with minimal disruption to your business. If you prefer, we can arrange hardware relocation during non-working hours.

We treat your hardware as carefully as if it were our own. Contact ComTek Networking Solutions today.