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Desktop Management

Managing desktops internally can be a real headache and distraction and often results in inefficient desktop systems and frustrated users. Turn to ComTek Networking Solutions for the best-in-class desktop management support you need. We'll stabilize and refine your desktop environments while reducing your desktop TCO so you can stay focused on your business.

The desktop is the essential link between your staff and your IT systems. Our desktop technicians provide comprehensive management of your total desktop environment, which includes PCs (Macintosh and Windows), laptops, hand-held devices, as well as associated support services such as on-site support, asset tracking and help desk services.

Effective management of your desktop environment is essential in helping your employees perform better. Without a standardized, stable and consistent desktop software platform, your investment in systems and applications is compromised. Our desktop management technicians can:

  • Maintain drive images
  • Update anti-virus software
  • Perform data back-ups
  • Install and upgrade applications like MS Office and email

It's expensive and time consuming to keep track of software versions, patches, security updates, bug fixes and driver updates that become available daily. You need people who know the complexities of managing the desktop environment like the back of their hand. Our experience gained from managing a variety of desktop environments means that we can offer your employees the best service at greatly reduced costs.

Avoid "one-man" shops that can only be in one place at one time to handle your IT needs. Contact ComTek Networking Solutions today.